Friday, September 22, 2006

It's me, me, ME!

I thought I owed you some update.

Hm, ok, I don't owe you anything, but I'm givin' it to you anyway.

- Remember the choir I failed to join a couple of months ago? My vocal coach is an old friend of the choir's vocal coach, and last Saturday she got me a chance to join it. I went to watch the rehearsal last Saturday, and I had no idea it was the same choir. Well, I went there, watched the rehearsal, got my ears profoundly hurt due to the total lack of pitch from the choir and left half an hour before the rehearsal was over (when my second audition was supposed to take place), feeling really good that I failed to join it in July. Well, it turns out that everything happens for the best!

- I've got my Brazilian passport. Now I can go to Spain without needing even a visa for 90 days. If I'm lucky enough to get my Italian citizenship before moving, I'll be able to stay there forevermore.

- Tomorrow we're having huge and beautiful Pagan Pride Day (+Ostara) celebrations. And because I'm the local bard-en-vogue, I'll be performing. I'm telling two stories and for the first time ever I'll sing in public. Let's see what they think of my vocal gifts! If everything fails, well, I can always go back to my narrative gifts! (which, truth be told, everybody loves)

Here's the official website of the São Paulo Pagan Pride Day.

I'll try to see if Claudiney has pics of my previous performances to send to me. Since you won't fly to Sampa overnight, visit the site. My name's there. In bold. (I promise I didn't ask them to do that--but I don't need to pretend I'm embarassed or to hide it like it's a bad thing)