Thursday, June 21, 2007

Red is, most definetely, the colour

“There are lots of ways to celebrate, and most of them are a terrible idea. Flying with that blonde to Paris can max out your credit card and your credibility. The new BMW will need to be washed more often than your old beater. The magnum of champagne will go to your head and your pocket. You might want to try red socks.” (CAMERON, Julia. Supplies. Tarcher-Putnam, 2003. Page 153)

Or brand new red specs. Or red anywhere else, I suspect, because Red is certainly a colour with magical, transformational and liberating properties. It just cannot be a coincidence that the distinguishing feature of the clown is a bright red sphere on the most proeminent bit of the face, the most exposed part of the body. And the clown is the freer of men, capable of healing ailments physicians and counsellors have no clue of, so they just do the talking.

Red is also:

The primary colour of wild berries, food that cannot be domesticated however tender and succulent. The first colour the young human eye is able to see, even before being able to name it. White may be great for the first step in aesthetic emancipation, but nothing takes you as far as the good ol’ colour of the Welsh Dragon.

And as my guru concludes the chapter dedicated to the wearing of this magical colour in her gem of a book, ‘Supplies’, “It’s hard to be depressed, alienated, and serious in a pair of snappy red socks. It’s hard to be self-important and cranky. God probably wears red socks.”

Wearing red, I bet, brings your closer to God. Wear Red and you can do no wrong.

Together with this blog entry, I wish to dedicate the tune ‘Fool’s Gold’ by Blackmore’s Night to the Fool in us all. Just because he probably wears Red, too!