Monday, December 29, 2008

Equity '08

On the average, I think I had a very relaxing year. Actually, I think it was the first time I have actually, absolutely relaxed ever since I can remember. Saturn's Return caught me quite by surprise by the time I was already married, legalized and secured in a more secure land. I'm currently having a really hard time legalizing my Brazilian schooling in Spain, but I'm still trying to be confident everything will turn out alright in the end. And hoping "the end" comes way before I'm 65 years old, because in a shameful country like Brazil 35 years isn't too long to wait.

I'm still not sure what I am going to do professionally with my life, but I do know what is important to me, and while I take the following few years or so to decide, I know what flora and fauna I need to nurture around me, and I know what feels good. And it's all in my hands to take or leave.

My New Year Resolution for 2008 was merely sticking to meditation and trusting the Flow. I think I did a quite good job in learning how to observe and evaluate my mind and the way it is mirrored by my environment, responding intelligently to various stimuli from many sides, and now I think I'm ready for the next natural step: taking responsibility for my vibes, my thoughts and what I am attracting and manifesting. From Water to Fire. Having placed the first Cornerstone, To Keep Silent, I work now on To Will.

My resolution for 2009 comprehends continuing with my German language studies, going back to school in Spain, starting a gay men's Tango group and travelling abroad a lot. This vacation in Rio, far away from anything musical, artistic or creative, has shown me again how important Singing is to my Fetch and my spiritual welfare, so I will probably give Classical Singing another try, but this time with a different strategy: I'll first take solfege lessons, learn to sing impeccably in tune and a tempo, and only then invest in the expression, creativity and artistic autonomy part. In Rome, do like the Romans. In other words, go with the Flow AND with your Intention.

My traditional NYR poem is still in the making. Happy New Year to all.