Sunday, May 23, 2010

Summer Vistas

The heat season has begun, I guess. I already feel like staying in an air-conditioned room all day when I'm not away, and making as many travel plans for the Summer as possible and affordable. So far, I've got Germany, Brazil and Wales/England.

Berlin will be my 2nd live-abroad experience, and I'm definetely looking forward to it. And hoping that the bastards at the Spanish government pay me on time for the work I did for them last month. This is the money I'll use to book the flight and rent a room in the German capital and apparently world's coolest city for 2 weeks or one whole month, in order to practice my German and network as much as possible in yet another culture.

Wales and England are a gift from the husband. He wants to visit a friend who lives there, and he knows I identify a lot with the culture, so he's bringing me with him.

Brazil is where my family of origin and the best friends I have in this Universe live, so I want to go back for refreshment and an identity fix.

If everything goes right, and I expect it does, I'll manage to spend the whole heat season out of this overpriced oven that is Madrid in the Summer.

Image: Unter den Linden's Festival of Lights, from