Tuesday, December 21, 2010


My Autumn this year was very creative, as I knew it would be after a Spring of plowing and sowing and a Summer of expansion and celebration. Harvest was marvellous, and I can barely believe I've manifested for myself such amazing opportunities. My German teacher this year is awesome, very experient and very, very good. I'm always inspired in the class, and I learn from her not just a lot of German, but also how to be a better language teacher. I've found myself a Queer tango group here in Madrid, and have become a decent queer tanguero, pretty skilled in both roles, leader and follower. I'm so proud of my musical skills, that everytime I sit to improvise on the keys, or vocalise a little bit, or burst out in song, I feel shocked. And I haven't been drifting and bouncing around, looking for affection and sympathy, anymore. I've built a romance to remember in Italy earlier this month. I'm mature.

I've been away from my studies and training in the Craft of the Wise, though. My Craft is definetely still with me, and is very much a second nature, which I'm thankful for, but with so much going on, a strong desire to simplify in order to see clearly, and a heightened sense of responsibility in this advanced stage of my Saturn's Return, I was not willing to overburden myself with more. The Craft knows how to lurk in the shadows (always present!) before coming back to the spotlight.

I feel it's time to come back, though. Before the late sunrise in this shortest day of the year, I woke up several times with vivid and intense dreams and messages from the Otherworld. By now, almost time for the earliest sunset I'll see in a year, I've got only memories of strange characters and a clear message to go back to the Ways of the Land. I know what I will be busy with this Winter instead.

It's Midwinter today, and I had plan to enjoy the following many days off work and school to bask in my very fresh Music gift. But I guess I will also dedicate to taking small, baby steps back to the Old Ways my feet know well. I'm a seasoned witch, and a creative being in a personal zenith. Nothing has ever been out of reach, but with a tree of my nature the branches stem and move a long way from the trunk. I'll navigate my personal Tree of Life this coming season, and recount, revisit, retrieve, reground. And learn more. And keep growing. And move on.

Sincerity let me will. Trust made me dare. Simplicity helped me know. Wisdom led me to keep silent. Now I resolve to know myself in all my parts, so that I'm ready when the time to blossom comes around once again.

Image: Spiral tree from Seattle Metal Craft.