Thursday, April 20, 2006

Search and Help

You remember Scott Fifer's plan of bringing Tanzanian children acrobats over the the United States to study with professionals and help other kids in their native country develop a beautiful profession, don't you?

Well, Scott has found an amazing, pain-free, cost-free and mutually beneficial way to have our very important help. It's as easy as googling, just much more altruistic.

Visit and do your websearch, but before that inform that you want your search to support TunaHAKI, Scott's non-profit organization. As soon as you hit 'Search the Web', one US dollar cent will be given to the cause. Simple and convinient as that. Now set as your home page and help Tanzanian kids every time you search for something in the Web.

To learn more about Scott's cause, visit his website at: . Naturally, if you know more direct and impacting ways to help Scott help Africa, please write him a message!

Thank you people. Let's remember to do our part in making this a fairer world.

Ave Gaia!