Friday, May 19, 2006

Roving Report

Sorry for being away for so long, but I've really been on fire. Here's the latest news with me:

1) We're having an international storytelling event here in Sampa, 'Boca do Céu'. I'm not having the opportunity to actually participate in workshops or lectures, but the performances are a real sensation. On Tuesday night, I watched three ladies performing, the Peruvian Cucha del Áquila, the Italian-Brazilian Gilka Girardello and the brilliant Marcela Romero from Mexico. It was great to practice my Spanish, and Marcela was probably the greatest surprise I had in a few months. On Wednesday night I saw Dan Yashinsky and Jamie Olivero from Canada and Inno Sorsy from Ghana. It was a beautiful, magical night, where I had my story CD and the beautiful poem about storytelling on a poster autographed by Dan Yashinsky stolen :( But Dan gave me the title 'Storm Fool' that night, which made it all worth it. 'Storm Fool' is how Canadian Indians called their storytellers long ago, when the tellers had to face harsh snowstorms and freezing winds to travel and share their tales with other people in the Dead of Winter. And I definetely have to face storms to share my tales...

2) I wasn't able to get my fiddle this month yet. Brazil is just paranoid with the Asian Chicken disease, and everything that comes from China (which currently includes the best non-handmade fiddles in the world), are blocked in Customs for indefinite time. Oh, how I hate this country!

3) I'm planning to have a shamanic drumming workshop next weekend. And with the workshop, we'll get an actual shamanic drum with a Guiding Spirit for it. Pretty exciting, huh? We arranged a group with four people, but usually people give up these things, so I'm calling Marcos Reis (the workshop leader) and confirm it with him later on today.

4) My life's totally upside-down, trying to catch up with so many interesting things going on. Next weekend (not tomorrow), we're having 'Virada Cultural', when Sampa will stay awake for 24 hours, with concerts, recitals, films, plays, exhibitions, events, gatherings, workshops and all sort of artistic activities everywhere. This city's driving me crazy, but I don't want to give up not even a drop of it. Then, in the first week of June, we're having a witchcraft conference, put together by my lovely friend and pagan leader Claudiney Prietto. We're talking about a whole weekend with rituals, workshops and panels. I can't wait!!

5) And then, there's the dish-washing, laundry, cooking, grocery, sweeping, and (oh Gods, deliver me!!) day job. And the saturday morning course I'm taking for this day job. And trying to squeeze my beloved singing lessons somewhere in the mess!

Plans for the next semester include: Studying a foreign language (either improving my Italian or taking on German), become professional as storyteller, return to the piano, and visit Buenos Aires with my sweetheart José. And keeping at least 50% of my current ventures.

Piece of cake.