Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Ground Zero Day

‘Fa la-a la la la-a

We stand on Solid Ground on Solid Ground

Fa la-a la la la-a

We stand on Solid Ground

It's the land-it is our wisdom

It's the land-it shines us through

It's the land-it feeds our children

It's the land-you cannot own the land

The land owns you’

(Dougie MacLean – ‘Solid Ground’)

Today is the day we remember one of the direst and sorriest consequences of a very serious disease which worst symptoms are greed, xenophobia, stereotypes and, worst of all, nationalism.

Today we recall an icon of capitalist achievement being destroyed by its very worst nature.

Six years on Ground Zero. May the tragedy of being forced to hit the ground from the highest height we had reached by them teach us to bring to ashes whatever walls and towers separates us from each other and from the Land.

Today we celebrate that what brings us together is stronger, more unbreakable than what keeps us apart.