Saturday, August 16, 2008

Blue Moon Report

Lately, my mailbox, blog list and conversations have all mentioned the current August Blue Moon Blues. Change is in the air right now, they say, but when isn't it, really? Also, "karmic issues are on the table" and everything is "messed up". Personally, since Thursday (maybe Wednesday), I've been surfing an incredible wave, reaching high altitudes in all my current projects (especially German, Spanish and Music). Even the food I cook tastes better these days, and today it finally rained in Madrid! Last night, when all neighbourhood was asleep I went outside in my balcony for a brief Drawing Down The Moon ritual. Tonight, I'll do a full ceremony.

I'm loving the momentum, and if there's any menace in the Blue Moon, it's that it'll be over by tomorrow!


rtgarden2019 said...

remember i made us a teahouse also

Seabird Boracay said...

No lie man, the moon has been in full force, but yup, things are getting much better lately...thankfully!