Tuesday, March 17, 2009

On the verge of Equinox

Happy St Paddy's/All Snakes Day, gang.

Today I woke up before four a.m. and couldn't fall asleep again. That's certainly strange to a heavy sleeper like myself, and also for Spain's usual times (everything here is later--bedtime, food, work--, especially because Spain is crossed by Greenwich, but insisted on adopting the timeline of the rest of the Continent); but in the light of my momentum, if it doesn't make sense that I feel less need to sleep, at least it means I might be feeling readier than usual. And boy, I am.

I've had a whole year virtually unemployed, except for some classes I've taught and odd jobs, and it seems that I was blessed with the gift of knowing how to use time from the day I was born. I have invested in many beautiful, important, urgent and spiritual projects that have come to generous fruition (except for Music, but, oh, well...) and now I've been feeling eager to step out of the coccoon again.

I've mentioned here in my blog several times how I've been managing to learn German so easily without a teacher. I've been meeting my German friends every week for six months now for our language exchange, and probably we will continue, so now I'm confident enough to chat with the Austrians in Busuu.com without looking up in a dictionary too often. I've also been given heads-up for a fabulous free online German course that has taken me to a level that would probably be considered intermediate. And I'm learning many songs in this beautiful language.

All my immigration paperwork is definetely taken care of, and despite the crisis and the long wait for the validation of my studies, much of my life is regularised by now, and I'm eligible for many jobs here in Spain. Or anywhere in Europe, really. That also entitles me to study, though not regular schooling or University degrees yet. For that, I'm still on hold.

I have been cooking like CRAZY. Together with Gay marriage, food is probably the only thing that makes me consider myself blessed for living in Spain, so I figured I might as well use the opportunity to earn something that will serve me for life. I've downloaded torrents and videos to perfect my tostatura and mantecatura techniques, and my risotto now is even more fabulous. I have prepared a wicked vegetables paella earlier this month for friends and strangers. I can make a dozen more different sauces that everybody I know in Brazil can--tomato, cheese, Asian, stir-fry. Vegan or with dairy. It all.

I can travel now, and I have, and I will. I've been such a prolific social animal in Couchsurfing, always solving blocks that a traumatic upbringing brought me, learning new tricks and words in many languages, shooting great photos and building up a profile there full of "medals": great references, vouches of trust, reliable connections. Now I have doors open for me pretty much in any country of the world.

Doesn't mean I'm already done: I still have two levels of my German course with Deutsche Welle to go before my Zertifikat comes, my travelling is about to begin tomorrow night on a bus ride to the Mediterranean, my all'onda technique still needs polishing (the ultimate goal is to become a master in all things Rice), I want to begin experimenting with Raw Vegan food now, and only in May Escuela Oficial de Idiomas will open for me to sign up for classes.

More important: when I'm back from Valencia next week, I'll be candidating for a possible job I've already got in sight. And I'm ready for even more sowing, sprouting and blooming with a paycheck. March 20th is Autumn where I was born, but I'm definetely a Springtime baby.

Hail Ostara!

Image: the first blossoms in my potted garden this year.


LMB said...

Two things:
Good luck on the promising job! Work is scarce on a global scale. Except of course drug peddling and prostitution...I'm just sayin'!!
And what delicious recipes you know of Brazilian food? I am entertaining some guests soon and the one that I really wanna entertain is from Brazil...hmmmm