Sunday, April 15, 2012

The Talent Pentacle

I have just decided to edit the Talent Pentacle I created the other day and mentioned briefly here on the blog. At first it seemed to me that just because Vision emerged from the perspective of Source, it should stand on the same point as Self. But then I rethought it, and it's actually the Guidance provided by Passion and all emotions in alignment with It that provide real Vision. After that realisation, it was only natural to see how Enthusiasm is the real gift from Source and Self. Enthusiasm, after all, means God Within in Greek. And coming back to edit it, with a feature on German radio about Italian mafia and Tomaso Buscetta on in the background, a-ha! The whole way around the Talent Pentacle made sense all of a sudden.

I am a creative being, here to create and in that help the Universe expand. In Creativity, Enthusiasm is fed in me, and I ground on Source and Self. A life in Enthusiasm means I am guided by my feelings of Passion. And that awakens in me the Knowledge supreme: my Truth, the Inner Light of God Herself that illuminates the Way and shines out in the world when I am aligned and leads me where I need to go. In other words, Vision. This cycle is completed with the boundless energy that I can tap to whenever I am willing to surrender to this divine perspective, follow the vision and abide by the Universal Law of Becoming--and this is what the book that triggered this whole thing called Hyperactivity: non-stop inspiration, daring, excitement and, well, action. When one is always on the move, the whole Universe moves along and things find their place by the constant, energised and divine motion. Power moves, and Magic is afoot. This leads to the creation of new conditions, experiences, results and gifts. The virtuous circle is complete.

This was my way around the pentacle. Let's just look into weaving a path through: in owning my nature and reality of Creative being, I engage, I enquire, I experiment, I never stop. When this is sincere, Enthusiasm is stirred in me, and this very natural process is absolutely magical, given that no science, resources or even focused effort is required to keep up with the endless motion. A keeping with it, I am absolutely on track, always right, led by The Supreme Path to Bliss. I have the Vision. And I create my stellar reality by shining like a Star on Earth, as I was meant to do when I was born.

I realise the divine element in my talents reading about this new pentacle. My writing has again become larger than what I thought it was, so I am using this entry to rename my blog. I am no longer focused on Time, timing, limitations, counting and stretches. I am weaving more of my writing magic here than on my paper notebook I bought to help Tibetan activits. This is my real, unlimited Book of Stars, and I am not ashamed, afraid or concerned that it is public. My magic is free, and it does indeed operate out in the World. I give it away with Love and in Power. Please witness it.

This is new phase of Awen's Book of Stars.