Friday, March 31, 2006


"Cuando miro de noche en el fondo
oscuro del cielo
las estrellas temblar, como ardientes
pupilas de fuego,
me parece posible a do brillan
subir en un vuelo
y anergarme en su luz, y con ellas
en lumbre ecendido
fundirme en un beso"

(Gustavo Adolfo Bécquer, Rima VIII)

Holy Mother, You are the intense mishmash of Love, Indifference and Mystery that holds the Web of Stars together.

They name you Void. But You are All-that-Is, and in Your orgasm you cum Possibilities.

Holy Mother, You are the lustful Will to expand and transform, the Creative Force that nudges the flower all the way through the green stem to bloom at the end.

They call you Placid. But You will never have rest, You will never have enough.

They call you Paradigm, but You are Paradox.

They call you Crucible, but you are the heat that melts the metal.

They call you Universe, but you are just too many.

And I surrender into You. I am You.

Blessed Be.