Friday, March 03, 2006

Will-building Season

The awesome astrologer Rob Brezsny wrote this advice for Pisceans this week:

"Of all the arguments made in favor of getting regular exercise, I rarely hear the one that's most important to me: Do it because it strengthens and tones the power of your will. When you get used to rousing yourself out of your physical inertia, the habit carries over into the mental and spiritual sphere. You find it easier to force yourself out of your comfort zones and push toward the next frontier. You're less likely to procrastinate and accept mediocrity, and you actually enjoy challenging yourself with worthy goals that require strenuous effort. It's now the will-building season for you, Pisces. You know what to do."

Here is what I am currently doing to 'build Will':

- I am listening to a CD with recorded intervals and scales on my discman everyday on my way to the office, so that instead of whining in mumbles or listening to the awful music loudspeakers play, I train my musical ear.

- I have decided to stop procrastinating on getting my passport. The Italian one is gonna take over a year, so I'll have the Brazilian for my little honeymoon in Buenos Aires with my Enchanted Prince in November. I have printed the list of requirements from Brazilian government website this morning, and tomorrow I'll start bringing everything together. ¡¡Ciudad de la Furia, aquí voy yo!! Gods, I hope my Spanish will have improved enough by then!

- I am incorporating new words and blessings on my daily Three Souls Work. There are the prayers Valerie published in her asskicking website on Feri Tradition stuff, and some I am writing my Self. Slowly and without huge demands, I'm getting back on track with my Spirituality and Priesthood.

- I'm definetely committed to regular Piano playing just for fun. No expectations, no anxiety, no goals, no perfectionism. Just the delightful process of feeling the soft resistance of the keys beneath my fingers, and the sweet sound they make when I push them just a little bit harder.

- I'll be getting my act together for the group round of Julia Cameron's 'the Artist's Way' starting on the 14th. Many people in the group do not own the book, so that will require a lot of explanation of the Principles and the Basic Tools from me. Well, if I offered to facilitate that group, I need to live up to everyone's needs (with no expectations, mind you).

What are you doing to build your will?