Monday, June 05, 2006


I am just returning from an absolutely fabulous weekend. Clubbing, Magic, Poetry, Theatre, Community. Just what I needed.

On Friday night, my old friend Dolphin gave a birthday party in a slick nightclub with lots of hard rock, gothic, EBM, New Wave and metal. Superb, with great people to meet and pineapple juice.

On Saturday, I took two workshops at the Goddess Spirituality Conference, one about Spellcasting with Deborah Lip, who came all the way from NYC, and the other about Life Energy, breathing, exercise and all that jazz. No novelty, but it was great to see the gang together again, and exchange some hugs, jokes, mutual prayers and, of course, gossip. Ha!

I left the conference before the lecture on Traditional Gardnerianism Ms. Lip flew over to give, because my friends from Casa das Rosas were releasing a collective anthology of Poetry. Then there I met everybody again, and had more hugs, jokes,and, yeah you guessed it, gossip. But no prayers this time! Boo.

From there, I went to see Gerald Thomas' new plays, and felt really blown away by Luiz Damasceno's performance and Thomas' ability to reinvent the Theatre every year or so, over and over.

Then I went home to bed, alone.

On Sunday I went back to the conference and took a workshop on the Wild Woman archetype. It was cool because in the middle of all the cheap talking and old-school pathworking, we actually screamed. I mean, we SCREAMED, physically. Not in the Astral plane, but in downtown São Paulo, in the meeting room of a hotel, together with some other fourty people with a Wild Woman raving inside. Everybody should try it at least once. Once a week, I mean.

Then we watched a video of an exclusive interview with Patricia Crowther, and after that I sneaked out to a cybercafé to date my prince. Then back to the conference again, we had a beautiful, beautiful open ritual with drama and poetry Claudiney's group performed for us. An elder bard with staff and hooded cape, a warrior with spear and a maiden with cookies summoned God Her Self for offerings and God spoke. Spiritually enlivening. It all made me so proud of my religion and I wished really bad everyone I knew in my life were there to watch it and share the marvel of the moment with me.

Now, circle round, I'm back to the office. Can't wait for next weekend!