Monday, July 31, 2006

Seven Years Later

I decided yesterday I'm going to wear my pentacle pendant. I've had it on since then.

I started wearing a Pentacle, a tradition symbol of the Craft of the Wise back in 1999, and stopped using it in 2003. This weekend I was in Rio and intuition struck me to use it again, with the same silver necklace I used to wear.

My pentacle is silver, with lots of scraps and black stains, which makes it very ancient-looking, maybe something a battle mage has worn in the battlefield. Unlike many witches' pentacles, mine has a solid background, also made of Silver with a black antiquing to make the silver star in the foreground stand out. It's tiny, which makes it really evident.

In 2001 a boyfriend put on my pentacle. He was involved in the Teen Masonry and many other occult organizations activities, and felt dizzy when he put on my necklace back then. Good sign.

I couldn't find a photo that was similar to my pentacle online. You'll have to imagine it.

August is on the threshold. I'll be looking for a studio to record my singing soon.