Monday, August 07, 2006


Again, a fabulous weekend. Why do we have to come back to the office on Monday? Not fair.

Casa das Rosas is active again after the midyear break. I am taking a course on composing and translating poetry, and the Saturday afternoon workshop called 'Poetic Drafts'. Very cool, because I really missed the habit of writing without the conditioning and the castration of corporate duties I have to meet here at the office. Also back from holidays came my asskicking vocal coach, and to our excitement my voice did not get rusty after the break and for yet another class, I surprised her singing the Renaissance air 'Caro Mio Ben'.

At Saturday night, I managed to attend to this year's Catalan Art show here in Sampa. I watched two films, the comedy 'Seres Queridos' and the teen homoerotic drama 'Krámpak'. Both were really intense, as Catalan stuff usually is. I especially love when I get the chance to watch films about gay relationships. I don't have to make extra efforts to get involved with the plot, and I absorb the story better. Too bad I couldn't get to this year's poetry recital. Well, there's always next year, and next year I'll be in Madrid by August!

On Sunday I was late for a choir concert downtown, and went to the grocery. You know, we can't feed only the Spirit. An artist also eats. I also went roaming over my area to check which films were in theatres, and I planned to watch 'Pirates of the Caribbean 2' later on that evening. Then I went to the lan-house to talk to my European Enchanted Prince, and by some Divine Providence my pagan buddy DeLeo was online at MSn messenger. were it not for him, I'd have missed a powerful Brighid ritual by Claudiney Prietto, a fervorous Brighidine. The climax of the weekend happened there: when we were greeting each other for the occasion, Clau told me, 'May you be inspired, because if you are inpired, we will all be'. How cool is that? The High Priest of São Paulo pagan community greeting me as the bard of the community.

And I remembered how the whole Wheel Year comes back to Midwinter. In my experience.

May I be strong, wise and humble to keep the flame burning.

PS> The photos of my last month's performance at PnT are already in my photo album. Check them, and leave a comment!