Monday, August 14, 2006

Oh the movies

I am enlisting Johnny Depp in my Hall of Creative Champions. What is it that none of the films this guy works in is bad? It's official, now, he'll serve as an inspiration for my career.

Last Saturday I finally managed to watch 'Pirates of the Caribbean 2'. Much better than the first, which was already a blast. Highly recommended. Yesterday, I watched 'Breakfast on Pluto', an Irish-British 2005 independent production telling the story of an transvestite who moves to London to find his mother and origins. Very moving, with a great message and an even greater soundtrack.

I'm slowly recovering my cinephile habits. For some times in my late teens I used to go to the cinema about four times a week. And tonight, I'm starting on my intermediate level storytelling workshop!

Way to go, Awen!!