Tuesday, August 15, 2006

The Workshop

Just a quick note to say that last night the Storytelling workshop meeting was really like water on parched lips!

we talked about what defines a storyteller, the presence, immediate contact, artistry, how each storyteller interferes and recreates the original story and how far can the spoken word go within the listener's core. We had fun games to learn each other's names and each of us introduced ourselves as storytellers in one minute. Quite a challenge! I managed to tell them about my work with the Pagan Community, the tellings at Trianon, my previous basic-level workshops and my struggles with the fiddle. After the one-minute bell rang, I cheated and told them I'm a singer. :)

I've got six more meetings ahead, and I'm sure as one can be that this workshop will catapult me to another level. Everybody there was a professional, so I'll get to do lots of networking too.

Photo: Dan 'the Divo' Yashinsky telling stories.