Friday, December 08, 2006

A perspective

[written last night]

Here, at the Crossroads, the feeling is as delightful as the last stage before being actually overwhelmed. Ah, possibilities!

I stand where two roads meet. They come from different places, and head off in radically diverging directions. The first road, broad and trodden by many, is tempting and deceiving. It will lead me to wake up very early tomorrow, shave my already half-sliced face, use strange creams in my hair and dress up like somebody else, for a job interview at Siemens. People would kill for an opportunity to work as a translator for Siemens. I just think I won’t kill my Self in that corporate concentration camp. Not again.

It’s half an hour to the Witching Hour, and I am wide awake, happy, and with my eyes firmly set on the other Road. This road is narrow and has no signals, no footsteps indicating the way to go. But I will not be alone along it.

Furthermore, I have trodden the first Road before, and didn’t do me any good. Now, I’m for the first time ever, going with my Vision. That’s what I need. I already have enough training, enough personal alchemy, and enough resources. Now I need to honour them and act on Faith.

To draw even more Power from this moment and make it last, I am renaming my blog, from ‘A Divo’s Errands’ to ‘The Book of the Crossroads’.

So that you know where to meet me.