Tuesday, January 23, 2007


Being an Indigo Child means I don’t learn like others do. Over the past few weeks, I have taken larger leaps than ever before, mainly due to accepting that my processes are not the same as everybody else’s.

My personal Lady of the Lake, Julia Cameron, teaches and proves that recovery happens in spurts, and I have always experienced recovery and learning to be much of the same clockwork, deep inside. I have decided lately to go with the moment, instead of consolidating a regular schedule and fighting against boredom, only to add more boredom to my days, as I try to squeeze the peaks and the valleys that make any narrative feel so adventurous into a dull uniformity that doesn’t exist, except maybe in theoretical Mathematics.

Pulsation makes me efficient, makes me evolve. To surf in the Momentum is to follow your Enthusiasm, which Saint Julia decrees to be more important than Discipline, and that means not just always having your tank full, but also going where you are meant to go.

In less than ten days, I learnt to play complicated chords on the piano without having to spend thirty seconds thinking about how each is formed. I learnt an ancient Thai ritual for abundance, and mastered a little more of Thai cuisine. Most importantly, I wrote a complete song, and finally achieved my Ideal-World Creative Goal of being a singer-songwriter. All because at the right moment I followed my intuition and leapt. The net, as predicted, appeared.