Wednesday, January 17, 2007


I have been enjoying Liam Ó Maonlaí’s solo work ‘Rian’ a lot. In this gem album my gem friend Diane gifted me with, Liam gets closer to what I envision for my own career than anybody else ever has. ‘Rian’ is a very personal album, with songs the handsome musician grew up listening to in the rural, Gaelic-speaking Ireland; “music of mystery. Of the Sí. Of creation”, to quote him directly, almost all of which is sung acappella or played on the tin whistle. “When music is simplified to one voice”, writes the singer, “it is easy to see we are related to people all over”.

But perhaps the strongest impact Liam had on me with this beautiful gift of Creativity was the disclaimer that opens the liner notes:

“This work, to the best of my ability, is imperfect. The Perfection comes between the one singing and the listener”.

You have my total gratitude for granting me the experience of such an elusive and controversial condition, Liam. Thanks also for the lesson. I’ll remember it in my own Creative work.

Interfere less, channel more. Relate. Connect. May there be Perfection.