Sunday, January 07, 2007

On Writing

I love writing. It’s my best medicine, the way to release the Bitch in me for a necessary avenging on the world out there, and a very natural way of creating strong community bonds all around me, uniting the several places I roam, and weaving together the lore I gather everywhere. Not just that, writing is also a very important and very organic part of my personal magic.

Writing clears my intent, soothes my despair, aligns the diverse layers of me, confirms my worth and turns the stalking of my enemies into a nice pleasure. Many of the laurels I deserve for the intense and highly successful inner work I have done in the last week of 2006 I owe to some form of writing – Morning Pages, music, mind maps, poetry, private messages or bloggin’.

Yesterday the workshops and courses at Casa das Rosas began again, and I am very happy for that. In the past year, my poetry has improved a lot, and I owe Casa das Rosas big time for an improvement in my aural and rhythmic sensitivity with words.

Image: Sei-He-Ki, an ancient Reikian symbol representing flowing waters, sea depths, emotional purification and the releasing of Mana/Chi blockages.