Saturday, May 31, 2008


Like Sunscreen, advice comes in many shapes, weights, colours and protection factors. The worst kind (as if "kind" was a suitable word here) is totally disrespectful and delirious, focused on the weakness, the failure and All You Don't Want. The most effective honours the joy, the moment, fragility, suppleness and All You Love About Life.

The "(Everybody Is Free to) Wear Sunscreen" video is based on a terrific musing Mary Schmich wrote over ten years ago for her newspaper in Chicago, and it spread like Ebola all over the Internet in mass emails during my late teens, becoming all the rage among my generation.

"Remember compliments you receive, forget the insults. If you succeed in doing this, tell me how." Who wouldn't lend an ear and take to heart such sincere words? Can there be anything less than truth in that?

Tonight I debut as a soloist. Less than four hours to go. My fiancee advised me, "Enjoy it. It's where you wanted to be, and don't worry--we'll be there to applaud come what may". Gavin mentioned studying to relax and shine. My coach reminded me about the hollow and the supple, and our pianist told me to ask tonight's organist to cheat a little and play me the introductions of my solo instead of just the counterpoint.

Living in possibility requires letting go of control. And the afterglow of sound advice feels like Deep Peace.

If you feel like some, try the whole speech:

Then, share. Everybody deserves to grin on a Saturday.