Friday, May 09, 2008

One Year Later

May 9th is the anniversary of my literal Long Journey Over Water. Today, I celebrate one year of living in Madrid. Over this past year, many things happened: I had to let too many things go, the prince became a frog, faced radical loneliness, I put my skills, my tools and my allies to the test and I've managed to maintain some level of commitment to my goal of becoming a classical singer, with some amazing achievements. I realise that I haven't done brilliant most of the time, that I shouldn't have had so many expectations when I did the Crossing and that I should have taken everything more lightly. And maybe here is the key to the next year.

Today, we went to the Civil Registry to book a date for our wedding. Yes, we are marrying, which is fabulous news. We did not have the witness with us, and the clerk advised us to return after the San Isidro holidays, when it will be easier to book and to get the process to run faster, arriving very early in the morning and leaving the building before four p.m. We will do, and my ex-office colleague Javier had asked me once to be the witness. I'll give him a call today.

I am dying to be able to travel abroad, to visit my tribe, to start an actual career here, to study Spanish and Solfege. Let's see how the next year unfolds.