Friday, October 06, 2006

To Those Who Wait

Good things come.

Here's FINALLY my singing recorded online. I know I'm not José Carreras yet, but quoting Diane, I've got to start somewhere!

Encouraging feedback totally appreciated. Even if you have to lie to encourage me. In the long haul, I will become good! Many, many thanks and hugs to my fabulous fellow Fool and video artist Catt for making the wicked images and uploading my stuff for me.

Catt, we made quite a partnership, huh??

PS> My access to from the office is forbidden. But don't worry, I'm gonna find a way to keep in touch with you all--Bunnies, Snakes and Bitches!!

Thursday, October 05, 2006

Anybody passing by

Last night I coerced myself to have some cognitive refreshment despite physical exhaustion, and went to watch the celebrated, wild-eyed German-English performance 'Super Night Shot'. It's a one-of-a-kind show, intending to be the 'War Against Anonymity', in which four performers (last night we had three dogs and one bitch) create a crazy four-screen video in the theatre neighbourhoods while we, the audience, are on our way to the theatre.

It's really an interesting concept. You arrive at the theatre and you are supposed to wait outside. Then the four semi-naked performers arrive, and we are instructed to cheer their arrival really loud, through conffeti, ribbons and waving sparkling sticks, while men in tiny trunks and a woman in bathing suit arrive, covered in sweat and recording our noise with a digital camera each. Then we wait for a signal and we all enter the theatre, where four screens show what is meant to be the actual performance, with great DJ'ing. At the end of the performance, you see yourself, tossing the waves and waving your sparklers. Very funny and innovative, even though it looks extremely MTV-ish in some moments.

In last night show, the hero's mission was finding an unemployed mother of five kids a job. He couldn't find it. Still, don't blame for letting the videos pluck a string in my inner harp. It's really nice to see in such a raw language how each of us could make a positive difference for each other by our actions and words just with our intention.

Bottom line is: we matter. Each of us. For each and every other.

You can read more on 'Super Night Shot' here: