Sunday, January 28, 2007

Simple Wishes

Generous hearts to listen
Stories to right the wrongs
A band to play the music
While on I sing the songs


Wednesday, January 24, 2007

States and statements

I was sent a powerpoint presentation with some of the horrors US soldiers practiced in Iraq over the past couple of years. Among the deeply mortifying images of rape, mutilation, humiliation and general inhuman horror, the flashing colourful subtitles in Spanish asked with an indignant chord sounding in the background: how can the country with the most developed Economy and some of the greatest genii in many academic fields perpetrate such monstrosities only the Neanderthals have?

Many arguments could bring this question down. The US are only practicing what the kingdom of Spain the sender takes so much pride on, for instance, has practiced in this side of the Atlantic for at least three centuries. Exactly the role Brazil played in Paraguay in the 19th century. What, according to many, China will do in this side of the Pacific sometime soon. And what unfortunately will be performed time and time again for a good deal of our short time left in this beautiful planet—by many countries, in many lands. You don’t need to be American. You only need a gun.

Also, calling the US the most developed Economy is outdated. It’s sinking at lightspeed—but that doesn’t matter. Money never prevented monsters from being monsters, and never will.

The greatest genii of the US, which are indeed many, are not the ones who went to Iraqi soil. Neither were Neanderthals. In actuality, as far as my amateur research went, I haven’t heard of any evidence that Neanderthals put a gun in somebody’s head to make them suck their dicks. Neither did they take pictures of that.

That fallacy of a question has really no use other than making me disturbed for the rest of the morning, unable to concentrate on the translation work I was hired to do. The flashes and acute colours that followed suggested we could pass the images of horror forward, spreading the bad vibes, that it would help change the world. Actually, very few things can change it. Caring is not just the most helpless, but also what helps feed the monsters under Calvin’s bed. Caring made Rachel Corrie’s brain be spread on Middle Eastern desert sand by an Israeli bulldozer, because she left her safe home in Illinois four years ago to save somebody else’s house in Gaza, and trusted the humanity in that soldier driving a big, powerful brain-squashing machine. In two months, I’m turning 27. Rachel never made it to 24. Stupid American girl. I’ve learnt with her mistake.

And I’m not passing the fucking powerpoint forward.

And no image today. My right brain need recovery.

Tuesday, January 23, 2007


Being an Indigo Child means I don’t learn like others do. Over the past few weeks, I have taken larger leaps than ever before, mainly due to accepting that my processes are not the same as everybody else’s.

My personal Lady of the Lake, Julia Cameron, teaches and proves that recovery happens in spurts, and I have always experienced recovery and learning to be much of the same clockwork, deep inside. I have decided lately to go with the moment, instead of consolidating a regular schedule and fighting against boredom, only to add more boredom to my days, as I try to squeeze the peaks and the valleys that make any narrative feel so adventurous into a dull uniformity that doesn’t exist, except maybe in theoretical Mathematics.

Pulsation makes me efficient, makes me evolve. To surf in the Momentum is to follow your Enthusiasm, which Saint Julia decrees to be more important than Discipline, and that means not just always having your tank full, but also going where you are meant to go.

In less than ten days, I learnt to play complicated chords on the piano without having to spend thirty seconds thinking about how each is formed. I learnt an ancient Thai ritual for abundance, and mastered a little more of Thai cuisine. Most importantly, I wrote a complete song, and finally achieved my Ideal-World Creative Goal of being a singer-songwriter. All because at the right moment I followed my intuition and leapt. The net, as predicted, appeared.

Friday, January 19, 2007

Landmark #1

Today, January 19th, 2007, I wrote my first song. It's my creative goal, closer to me.

Wednesday, January 17, 2007


I have been enjoying Liam Ó Maonlaí’s solo work ‘Rian’ a lot. In this gem album my gem friend Diane gifted me with, Liam gets closer to what I envision for my own career than anybody else ever has. ‘Rian’ is a very personal album, with songs the handsome musician grew up listening to in the rural, Gaelic-speaking Ireland; “music of mystery. Of the Sí. Of creation”, to quote him directly, almost all of which is sung acappella or played on the tin whistle. “When music is simplified to one voice”, writes the singer, “it is easy to see we are related to people all over”.

But perhaps the strongest impact Liam had on me with this beautiful gift of Creativity was the disclaimer that opens the liner notes:

“This work, to the best of my ability, is imperfect. The Perfection comes between the one singing and the listener”.

You have my total gratitude for granting me the experience of such an elusive and controversial condition, Liam. Thanks also for the lesson. I’ll remember it in my own Creative work.

Interfere less, channel more. Relate. Connect. May there be Perfection.

Sunday, January 07, 2007

On Writing

I love writing. It’s my best medicine, the way to release the Bitch in me for a necessary avenging on the world out there, and a very natural way of creating strong community bonds all around me, uniting the several places I roam, and weaving together the lore I gather everywhere. Not just that, writing is also a very important and very organic part of my personal magic.

Writing clears my intent, soothes my despair, aligns the diverse layers of me, confirms my worth and turns the stalking of my enemies into a nice pleasure. Many of the laurels I deserve for the intense and highly successful inner work I have done in the last week of 2006 I owe to some form of writing – Morning Pages, music, mind maps, poetry, private messages or bloggin’.

Yesterday the workshops and courses at Casa das Rosas began again, and I am very happy for that. In the past year, my poetry has improved a lot, and I owe Casa das Rosas big time for an improvement in my aural and rhythmic sensitivity with words.

Image: Sei-He-Ki, an ancient Reikian symbol representing flowing waters, sea depths, emotional purification and the releasing of Mana/Chi blockages.