Sunday, June 27, 2010


After succeeding in all examinations at school and returning from my 2 days in Barcelona, I've spent quite a few days preparing Germany. I am going to hit a major personal landmark by getting there. The German language was my final fantasy of capricious youth before diving head-first into full adulthood and strict responsibility for my life, my decisions and my chronic thought patterns. I embraced the tongue of poets and thinkers like a worthy lover, like there was no tomorrow, and I allowed in all emotions, vistas, lore and possibilities it encompassed. Two years later, one "next little step" after another, I've managed to find myself a two-week inmersion in one of the most vibrant cities in the West. Berlin. And the hottest Pride parade in Europe to boot. Köln.

And I want to be ready if this most huge baby step unfolds and makes for another. I will just keep saying Yes.

Image: me, loving life in Parc de la Ciutatela, one week ago in Barcelona.