Tuesday, January 18, 2011

The Water Pentacle

We are stars on Earth, sang many mystical poets in many different languages and times. But throughout life, and the immersion in a culture that does not really support individual stardom, we were trained to stifle the inner fireworks and shy away from shedding our Light. The poets kept singing though, inspiring us to be naturally bright and help make the world even more beautiful and interesting with our unique gifts and joy in Being, but at some point we forget how. For good. And some of these poets devise pathways and songs to help us remember and reawaken. And shine on.

Victor Anderson taught the Copper Decagram to several generations of witches until his death ten years ago. Even though it is not really known whether he devised them himself or learned from somebody else, the Iron and Pearl Pentacles have been inspiring people all over the world to ignite the inner fires and shine their unique light on the inner and outer worlds.

Abraham, the collective of non-physical teachers translated by Esther Hicks, teaches in actuality little more than the divine nature of us all, gut-feeling wisdom and this marvellous Stream of Well-Being we are all rolling with. This Stream, the stuff of life itself, is God, the Source, the one and only light that shines in and through all stars of the Universe, that soothes and sweeps us away from wisdom to even more wisdom, from plenitude to enhanced plenitude. From love back to love again.

Based on both bodies of teachings, I have devised my own “third pentacle”, as one disciple of Anderson calls the systems created after his Iron and Pearl Pentacles, based on the parallels I have found between his teachings and those of Abraham. Inspired by Abraham’s marvellous metaphor of life as a stream, where “nothing you really want is upstream”, I have called it the Water Pentacle. In my personal practice, it has become a wonderful and actually divine tool for awareness and connection with the divinity present in life, in my own Self, in the present moment.

Just like the experience of the Iron and Pearl Pentacles were taught to me by more than one teacher, with the Water Pentacle, you can run and call the points as you lay as a starfish in two ways (among countless others): round and through.

On your head is the point of Expansion. Expansion represents here the meaning of life itself. It is the blossom and fructifying of Sex and Love, and the full realisation of the being here in physical manifestation, on the Leading Edge of Thought, in this glorious earthly reality where we experience contrast and shock, make choices, decide, shoot rockets of desire, refine our feelings, attract what is like to us, and ultimately help the Universe expand.

On your left hand, the point representing The Source shines. The Source is really the place from which we all come, but never got disconnected. It is in every single aspect of you. In your dominant and subtle intents, in the intents of each cell of your body, and your shared intent as community. From the Source’s perspective, all intents are equally worthy, and all is well. The Source is undeniable; and for you are Source Energy, The Source is YOU. It is what witches would call God Herself, in whom we live, move and have our being. “From Her all things emerge, and unto Her all things return”. She is the reason why we are here, because our desires are Hers, and through them She experiences Herself, expands and grows in love and beauty.

On your left foot, you have your point of Guidance. Guidance is the resilient, persistent and very reliable voice of inner Wisdom that (no matter how shunned, repressed and ignored) tells you how far from the Source you are or not. It comes in the form of Passion, raw gut feelings and all other emotions. Your Guidance is Wisdom, it will never fail you, because it is your gut, your in-tuition, your proof of connection to God, and only it can reveal how stagnant, flowing or rotten the Water from your Star is. Nobody else.

On your right foot is the point of Becoming. As you awaken and become aware of Source, let yourself expand with it by desiring and following the inner Guidance wherever It leads you, you learn to take Pride in who you are, and become something more than what you were. Becoming is actually one of the very few real Laws of the Universe, and there is no escaping from it without paying more than one can afford.

On your right hand stands Allowing. Allowing is the ultimate Power we have in this life, and its our absolutely natural and default Nature. It is giving up on all lies and resistance against the Stream, holding on to useless attachments and complexes, and finally saying YES to the healing and exciting ride on divine waters. It takes us to places, because we have Become something else through alignment with Source, awareness of our Guidance and commitment to Expansion. If this is not Liberty, I do not know what is.

Around the Water Pentacle you have a way of Alignment motivated by willpower and intent, whereas upon moving through It you realise the points from a slightly different perspective, which enriches the realisations you had as you ran around the star: you have the support, love, confirmation and nurturing every time.

Expansion is the reason why we are all here. We are evolving perfection, not bored, just exercising the thrill and glorious joy that lust and desire give us.

We expand by Becoming. Something more, something else, something that has no need to fit in descriptions or pre-conceived concepts. It’s one of the most freeing experiences we have, and this is why it is so empowering and central in a well-lived life.

The Source becomes more through our own Becoming, and It is always backing us, and calling us back to It. Our existence is Its proof, our Expansion is all It expects, our Becoming is Its joy. It is just that simple.

Allowing is the experience of moving on from The Source and simultaneously going back to It. Allowing is not working hard to modify circumstances, follow rules and play roles. It is not giving others parts of the Self. It is not exercising force, either. It is going with the flow and trusting the Stream, with grace, freedom and great dignity.

All along the way, Guidance will keep you on track. It will never let go of you, especially if you let go of oars, shame, guilt, vanity and need for control. And the opinions, experience and judgements of somebody else. Only you know what is good and appropriate for you, and this is the promise from The Source. The way you feel, in your gut, is just what you need in order to tell if it is really on or off. If you are heading downstream or paddling upstream.

There are infinite different ways to experience the Water Pentacle. Some I have also been using other than Starfish energy work are journaling, dreaming, creative writing, singing, drumming and dance. Get acquainted with it the way it calls you to, and own the experience itself. Let everything else go back to The Source.

In the end, this Water Pentacle is little more than a sophisticated idea, and ideas are as good as this. Take it into consideration if possible, exercise if suitable, celebrate if desired, discard if preferred, live it out if you must, pass it forward if you will. But do not claim anybody own a very basic truth of our existence. Abraham, Victor, or me. Or you. We are all, absolutely all of us, Stars on Earth.

If you are interested in the Iron and Pearl Pentacles, check veedub’s
DustBunny Big Damn Handout, or her articles on her personal website. Obviously you can also just google them up. If you are curious about the Teachings of Abraham, the Hickses have free introductory material available on their website. Feel free to search for Abraham-Hicks on Youtube, too. Watching Esther doing it live is one of the most thrilling things I have ever seen.

Explore. And flow on.