Friday, April 28, 2006

WATER, WATER!!! In... Out... WATER, WATER!!! In... Out... WATER, WATER!!! In... Out...

Calvin always knows it.

Monday, April 24, 2006

My double life

My head's been really up my arse lately, since a kind of promotion I won at my Day Job. Every office minute is devoted to creating ads campaigns and replanning the website. That's definetely the kind of job I like to do, but it leaves me very little time for sideshow creative moments. This has been the main reason I am no longer posting everyday to my blog. But I need to let you all know that I've been VERY committed to my Artistic Training and my Creative Recovery when I'm not in the office. I've just entered week 7 of 'the Artist's Way' and the wonders JC works are already showing up. Especially, and in contrast with my Day Job life, overcoming toxic Anxiety and savouring time alone, devoted to nothingness.

I'd love to hear how you are doing, because I'm not having much time to read all blogs either.

I miss you.

PS: The photo is not just a metaphor. I DO HAVE a double life line in my right palm!!

Thursday, April 20, 2006

Search and Help

You remember Scott Fifer's plan of bringing Tanzanian children acrobats over the the United States to study with professionals and help other kids in their native country develop a beautiful profession, don't you?

Well, Scott has found an amazing, pain-free, cost-free and mutually beneficial way to have our very important help. It's as easy as googling, just much more altruistic.

Visit and do your websearch, but before that inform that you want your search to support TunaHAKI, Scott's non-profit organization. As soon as you hit 'Search the Web', one US dollar cent will be given to the cause. Simple and convinient as that. Now set as your home page and help Tanzanian kids every time you search for something in the Web.

To learn more about Scott's cause, visit his website at: . Naturally, if you know more direct and impacting ways to help Scott help Africa, please write him a message!

Thank you people. Let's remember to do our part in making this a fairer world.

Ave Gaia!

Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Acts of Kindness

Feeding the egregora of the Kindness Week (or AWEN WEEK, according to the Muse of the project, Zsuzsanne, and with the awesome contribution of mighty artist Jean ( ), here is a major Inspiration resource for our week, dedicated to developing new ways of being Kind, while remaining kind with our own values and characters:

I am gonna adore if we could 'officialize' this in a way and spread the word faster!

Be kind.

Monday, April 17, 2006

Kindness Week

Some of my friends and I are inaugurating today the Kindness Week! How cool is that?

What are you currently doing that is kind to somebody or something? What would make you a kinder person?? What is kindness for you?

"In the end, only kindness matters" (Jewel Kilcher, "Hands")

Thursday, April 13, 2006

Slave to the Wage

I hate working in a company. I hate having to pretend ten hours a day, five days a week that I am a work drone, and squeezing my Faerie Wings under an opaque, lusterless cloak. I feel out of sorts all day long.

But if I don't spend almost all of my waking life at the office, I won't have money for my vocal coach on Saturdays, and I won't be able to afford my rent. Like my award-winning Visual Artist, Designer and Jeweller friend Marina said, 'it's a trap': I have to choose between time to pursue my Creative Dreams, or resources to afford Artistic Tuition. I am currently going for the second, not sure for how long. Probably for as long as I need tuition as an emotional crutch, or a blockage.

And until then, I'm stuck in the Corporate routine, with all its gossip, lies and heartbreaking greed. All neatly swept under the rug, naturally.

Here's a humourous piece that made me laugh today (author unknown):

If Thomas Jefferson had worked in the corporate world

10 October 1776

Mr. Thomas Jefferson
c/o The Continental Congress
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Dear Mr. Jefferson:

We have read your "Declaration of Independence" with great interest. Certainly, it represents a considerable undertaking, and many of your statements do merit serious consideration. Unfortunately, the Declaration as a whole fails to meet recently adopted specifications for proposals to the Crown, so we must return the document to you for further refinement. The questions which follow might assist you in your process of revision:

1. In your opening paragraph you use the phrase "the Laws of Nature and Nature's God." What are these laws? In what way are they the criteria on which you base your central arguments? Please document with citations from the recent literature.

2. In the same paragraph you refer to the "opinions of mankind." Whose polling data are you using? Without specific evidence, it seems to us the "opinions of mankind" are a matter of opinion.

3. You hold certain truths to be "self-evident." Could you please elaborate. If they are as evident as you claim then it should not be difficult for you to locate the appropriate supporting statistics.

4. "Life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness" seem to be the goals of your proposal. These are not measurable goals. If you were to say that "among these is the ability to sustain an average life expectancy in six of the 13 colonies of at last 55 years, and to enable newspapers in the colonies to print news without outside interference, and to raise the average income of the colonists by 10 percent in the next 10 years," these could be measurable goals. Please clarify.

5. You state that, "Whenever any Form of Government becomes destructive of these ends, it is the Right of the People to alter or to abolish it and to institute a new Government ..." Have you weighed this assertion against all the alternatives? What are the trade-off considerations?

6. Your description of the existing situation is quite extensive. Such a long list of grievances should precede the statement of goals, not allow it. Your problem statement needs improvement.

7. Your strategy for achieving your goal is not developed at all. You state that the colonies "ought to be Free and Independent States" and that they are "Absolved from All Allegiance to the British Crown." Who or what must change to achieve this objective? In what way must they change? What specific steps will you take to overcome the resistance? How long will it take? We have found that a little foresight in these areas helps to prevent careless errors later on. How cost-effective are your strategies?

8. Who among the list of signatories will be responsible for implementing your strategy? Who conceived it? Who provided the theoretical research? Who will constitute the advisory committee? Please submit an organization chart and vitas of the principal investigators.

9. You must include an evaluation design. We have been requiring this since Queen Anne's War.

10. What impact will your problem have? Your failure to include any assessment of this inspires little confidence in the long-range prospects of your undertaking.

11. Please submit a PERT diagram, an activity chart itemised budget and manpower utilization matrix.

We hope that these comments prove useful in revising your "Declaration of Independence." We welcome the submission of your revised proposal. Our due date for unsolicited proposals is November 30, 1776. Ten copies with original signatures will be required.


Management Analyst to the British Crown

[Author unknown; found in widely circulated email. If it's your copyright, tell me and I'll remove.]

Monday, April 10, 2006

Back on Track

I am slowly going back to regular Spiritual Practice.

I will enrol for a shamanic drum workshop which includes a drum ceremony for healing and inspiration on the end of May. By the end of that course, I will get my own drum with its own spirit guide and (well, dreaming is free) a drum circle. I also plan to actively engage in Shamanic Healing ventures, even if they are for free.

I am active as never before on my Three Souls work, and I feel my GodSelf watching over me and inspiring me all the time, and also I can hear my Fetch more constantly and what it has to say more often. I'm still to get to the point when GodSelf will actually possess me.

And tonight I am watching a lecture on Epitectus. I hope that will inspire me to do the exercises on Thorn Coyle's 'Evolutionary Witchcraft' workbook.

Next Spiritual Goals on my never-ending to-do list are: Trancework, Otherworld Journeys and Vision Quests; get back on track with my Feri Training; Scry at least once a week; incorporate all this stuff in my Art; get a whole Craft together that includes all my Passions and that will shine my uniqueness through. '(...)For a healthy priest makes all things sound' (Francesca deGrandis).

What are your spiritual goals?

Friday, April 07, 2006

Worry not, Rob! It's all under control.

Says Rob Brezsny this week for us Pisceans:

"My best friend in high school was James, a Piscean artist. His work was so wild and beautiful that it scared his parents. Instead of seeing him as he was--a budding creative genius--they suffered from the delusion that he was mentally ill. They confined him to an asylum and forced him to undergo shock treatments. Since they thought I was a bad influence, they forbade us from having contact. I lost track of him when I went to college, and later he dropped out of sight. This week I decided to google James. I was ecstatic to find that he has grown up big and strong. He's an inventor and philanthropist living in Florida, having made loads of money from his numerous creations. In line with your astrological omens, I nominate him to be your inspiration. May his triumph over his past rouse you to recover some of the fullness of the brilliance that was suppressed and wounded when you were young."

This was my favourite horoscope EVER!

Monday, April 03, 2006

Mantra for the Dancefloor

Dance till you can't feel the floor anymore
Dance till there ain't no floor no more
And Dance like there has never been a floor
…And then you'll be the dance!!

Written with my friend Tom Cochram.