Monday, April 24, 2006

My double life

My head's been really up my arse lately, since a kind of promotion I won at my Day Job. Every office minute is devoted to creating ads campaigns and replanning the website. That's definetely the kind of job I like to do, but it leaves me very little time for sideshow creative moments. This has been the main reason I am no longer posting everyday to my blog. But I need to let you all know that I've been VERY committed to my Artistic Training and my Creative Recovery when I'm not in the office. I've just entered week 7 of 'the Artist's Way' and the wonders JC works are already showing up. Especially, and in contrast with my Day Job life, overcoming toxic Anxiety and savouring time alone, devoted to nothingness.

I'd love to hear how you are doing, because I'm not having much time to read all blogs either.

I miss you.

PS: The photo is not just a metaphor. I DO HAVE a double life line in my right palm!!