Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Four Steps to a Lucky Streak

1) Spend eight seconds of your life nurturing a good sensation. Start with your Gratitude List, acknowledging things you are grateful for—you have MANY, believe me. Then, pamper yourself a bit: Eat your favourite chocolate brand and listen to your favourite song, for example. Do something satisfactory for yourself and feel the wave of positive vibes inundate you. Pay attention to that feeling. Make yourself very familiar with that, and decide that is gonna be your default stage.

2) State to the Universe what you want. Go for it all. No limits here! See and hear it very sharp in your mind’s eyes and ears. Then FEEL how good it is to have/do/be everything you want. Be exhilarated by this. Be euphoric and be for real.

3) When something good happens to you, celebrate it in the very moment it happens. Feel really good about it. Feel the joy, feed the pleasure and let the power of this take over you. The cute boy smiled at you in the traffic? Act like Hugh Jackman’s proposed a quicky. Got a compliment for a poem? Feel like it’s your first Pulitzer! It doesn’t matter how small it seems, or how pathetic you’ll look. What matters is that you encourage your good feelings and tune into the higher frequencies of the Universe. Really, fall in love with the big U for the manifestation you attracted! Be over-grateful.

4) Go back to step two. This is endless.

Anytime in the process, never pick up the first doubt. In the high-low frequency scale of feelings, Doubt is the lift all the way down from the top of the scale (Love) to the very bottom (Fear). But in any case, if you do, just start over from step 1. It’s that easy.

Tuesday, February 20, 2007

The next fix

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Free accounts for the treat are limited! Be fast and assure your right to a precious and privileged brainwash ;)

Thursday, February 01, 2007

The Return of the Square

The wisdom of the Crossroads necessarily incurs the humility of admitting that you cannot take both ways when standing at their crossing. Not at the same time.

Among the many blessings I have for living in São Paulo, I enrolled for a promising free workshop on Electronic Music and the computer as a musical instrument. The idea upon signing up was having the tools in my box for using when the time to record my demo came.

In the second of four nights, last night, I was confused, corpse-looking in front of the computer, angry at my inability of seeing music somewhere within all the mathematics, programmer lingo and the thirteeth Herculean task of taking any sound from an unforgiving, irresponsive computer.

To honour all the hard work I had in my Creative Recovery three years ago, I did not give myself the chance to just give up on something that simply is not for me. That was when, due to not having properly learnt the lesson that Awen will be Awen, my most basic Self rebelled, and, between a disagreement with my best friend and tiresome, endless calculations to get a mere 440Hz A, the urges of smacking the difficultator and breaking the computer down to pieces almost took over me.

I left the labs. I breathed. I grounded and re-aligned. I remembered who I was. A poet, a man of words, a voice that weaves stories into music. I realized that just because the whole fabulous cultural inheritance of Humanity in all ages is available to me, doesn’t mean I’ll have to master it all. And I set my feet firm on my own path back again.

Now, when the time comes, I’ll record my demo acappella. And meanwhile, if you need help with yours, I’ll write the lyrics and sing the harmonies.