Thursday, June 29, 2006

Tag Game Again

This time Laura (from Snakes Rising) tagged me to list five places I'd rather be than here. Here are they:

1) MADRID!! With my European Charming Prince.
2) Buenos Aires, with my European Charming Prince.
3) London. All by my Self!!
4) In my warm, cozy bed in this cold Winter morning. With my European Charming Prince.
5) On stage. Any stage. With an asskicking band.

Tagging Sue Silverstream, Joelle, John the NYC Boy, Laura Love, Prayoga, Bunni Lover


You are Spider-Man

You are intelligent, witty,
a bit geeky and have great
power and responsibility.

Spider-Man 85%
Green Lantern 85%
Wonder Woman 78%
The Flash 75%
Hulk 75%
Supergirl 68%
Catwoman 60%
Robin 55%
Batman 55%
Iron Man 55%
Superman 40%

Click here to take the "Which Superhero are you?" quiz...

Friday, June 23, 2006

The Two Faces of Awen

My friend Prayoga revealed two not-so-hidden aspects of me: According to him, an extra-terrestrial and a South American warrior. Enjoy.

Wednesday, June 21, 2006

A Mid Winter's Song


(First verse: Traditional Provençal song
Rest of the Song: Candice Night/Ritchie Blackmore)

Maire, lei campagno gansaion
A questo nue, balin-balan,
Leis avé, lei fedo sounation
D`ounte vén agéu sagan?
Lou gat sauto dins la paniero,
Medor gingouelo dins lei champ,
E lei gárri dins la feniero,
Barruelon coume de bregand!

The bells are a ringing
On Mid Winter's Night
The moon sets all alone
And once again I try to sleep before the morning light

Too soon the sun will come a-calling over the hills in our little town
Too soon the snow will start falling over the worls without a sound
While in my room dreams are a-fleeting
I close my eyes one more time
All too quickly the dawn is breaking and I must leave the night behind.

The bells are a ringing
On Mid Winter's Night
The moon sets all alone
And once again I try to sleep before the morning light

The bells are a ringing
On Mid Winter's Night
The moon sets all alone
And once again I try to sleep before the morning light
And once again I try to sleep before the morning light
Before the morning light
Before the morning light

(featured in Blackmore's Night third album, 'Fires at Midnight' with a delightful bagpipes solo)

Monday, June 19, 2006


There it is: My favourite festival in the Eight-fold Wheel Year!

This weekend I had my anticipated Winter Solstice celebration. Unfortunately, the date Claudiney Prietto and Espiral da Criação had to do the ritual was the same Saturday afternoon the São Paulo Pride Parade was happening. Part of me was a bit sad for missing it, especially because I believe that was my last chance to be there in for some years, as I plan to move to Spain within a year. I am particularly proud of the Parade in São Paulo, as it is the largest in the world. But anyway, I managed to enjoy a little of its beginning before going to Páteo do Colégio, and joining my Community again.

This Solstice, as in every Solstice, I performed as a storyteller. I was prepared to tell three stories with myths and images related to the Midwinter Mythology, but in the end we didn't have time for the last one. The stories I chose were Oscar Wilde's 'The Happy Prince', a version of the first branch of the Mabinogion, focused on how Pryderi redeemed Rhiannon, and the last story, left untold due to lack of time, was Hans Christian Andersen's 'The Pine Tree'. I invited my friend Haranin, also a storyteller and a professional actress, to tell Andersen's 'The Snow Queen'. Both Haranin and I are huge enthusiasts of Andersen's incredible and lovely legacy of stories. The performance, it seems, was a blast, because everyone congratulated me after the ritual that followed.

Well, the ritual in itself was quite something, however unusually brief. I have always had something with the Winter Solstice and its related imagery, but this time, the ritual worked something really deep in my Astral Bodies. After a few songs and dances I was so overcharged with Manna that for the first time ever I felt the urgent need to put my hands against the ground to help excess Energy flow back to the Earth, but that alone was not enough. So I drew back from the circle and put my Third Eye against the ground. I'm not sure how long I remained in that position, but probably I could have used more of that because until yesterday sensitive people around me felt I was 'something different', and one person actually told me he felt shivers and a chill when we touched. Immediately after the ritual I took a cold shower (despite the cold) and wrote a letter to the Universe, a spell my witch friend Beatryce taught me to help with a specific goal. I wrote a letter to the Universe in gratitude for my moving to Madrid going all right, for me finding a great job there, my relationship with my boyfriend only getting better, and my artistic career taking off there. So mote it be!!

Every year, the Winter Solstice is a turning point for me, for some reason. This year, the Midwinter midwived an active artist of me. Most specifically a storyteller. So far.

(Photo: Winter Solstice Sunset at beautiful Stonehenge, in the ancient Celtic nation of Kernow)

Wednesday, June 14, 2006

All Strings Attached

The fiddle is ready to be played now! Tonight a new phase of my life begins!!


(Photo: Fiddle diva Eileen Ivers)

Monday, June 12, 2006

I have been tagged!

I have been tagged by Amma! And now I am tagging my buddies!

[RULES - Once you've been tagged, you have to write a blog with 8 facts/things/habits about yourself, saying who tagged you. In the end you need to choose the 6 people to be tagged and list their names. No tag backs.]

1) Being in evidence is just irresistible to me!

2) I love the taste of fresh wild berries

3) I am probably the best kisser I've ever met

4) My dream musical instrument is the Celtic Harp (Welsh Triple, if I am coragerous enough to admit it!)

5) I was a loner at school and the first time I was part of a group was at University

6) I hate the places I was born and raised in

7) I hate 80% of my childhood memories

8) My plan is to be a professional artist someday soon.

I am tagging Sue Silverstream, Khrysso, Wil, Kman/Katranon, Dieter/Indian the Machine and Clay!

[RULES - Once you've been tagged, you have to write a blog with 8 facts/things/habits about yourself, saying who tagged you. In the end you need to choose the 6 people to be tagged and list their names. No tag backs.]

Don't break the chain guys, join the game!!

The Fiddle!!

I bought it!! I got my fiddle!!

On the photo you can see my fiddle, but mine came in a different case. The rest is exactely the same, an Eagle student model. Now I need to take it to the luthier to put new strings and get it ready to play!

I am SO happy!! I'm closer now to my goal of becoming a professional performing artist!!

Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Proof of my coolness

I have just created a Wikipaedia page. Please help me edit it:

Though I am hip, I'm only a beginner in the Wikipaedia world and due to my legendary brazenness, I started just a stub without reading the instructions or researching enough. But that's all pioneers are meant to do really. I opened the door.

Add more stuff in there, please.

Nothing new, but we need repetition

[broken Google Video link]

Bookmark to watch it often till your brain is washed clean. Yeah: brainwash is sometimes called for.

Monday, June 05, 2006


I am just returning from an absolutely fabulous weekend. Clubbing, Magic, Poetry, Theatre, Community. Just what I needed.

On Friday night, my old friend Dolphin gave a birthday party in a slick nightclub with lots of hard rock, gothic, EBM, New Wave and metal. Superb, with great people to meet and pineapple juice.

On Saturday, I took two workshops at the Goddess Spirituality Conference, one about Spellcasting with Deborah Lip, who came all the way from NYC, and the other about Life Energy, breathing, exercise and all that jazz. No novelty, but it was great to see the gang together again, and exchange some hugs, jokes, mutual prayers and, of course, gossip. Ha!

I left the conference before the lecture on Traditional Gardnerianism Ms. Lip flew over to give, because my friends from Casa das Rosas were releasing a collective anthology of Poetry. Then there I met everybody again, and had more hugs, jokes,and, yeah you guessed it, gossip. But no prayers this time! Boo.

From there, I went to see Gerald Thomas' new plays, and felt really blown away by Luiz Damasceno's performance and Thomas' ability to reinvent the Theatre every year or so, over and over.

Then I went home to bed, alone.

On Sunday I went back to the conference and took a workshop on the Wild Woman archetype. It was cool because in the middle of all the cheap talking and old-school pathworking, we actually screamed. I mean, we SCREAMED, physically. Not in the Astral plane, but in downtown São Paulo, in the meeting room of a hotel, together with some other fourty people with a Wild Woman raving inside. Everybody should try it at least once. Once a week, I mean.

Then we watched a video of an exclusive interview with Patricia Crowther, and after that I sneaked out to a cybercafé to date my prince. Then back to the conference again, we had a beautiful, beautiful open ritual with drama and poetry Claudiney's group performed for us. An elder bard with staff and hooded cape, a warrior with spear and a maiden with cookies summoned God Her Self for offerings and God spoke. Spiritually enlivening. It all made me so proud of my religion and I wished really bad everyone I knew in my life were there to watch it and share the marvel of the moment with me.

Now, circle round, I'm back to the office. Can't wait for next weekend!

Thursday, June 01, 2006


I hate to be here. I hate to sit nine hours a day facing a stupid computer and behind the computer a stupid wall, surrounded by morons and more stupid computers and stupid walls. This just KILLS me.

Last night I had the insight that I am feeling emotionally and socially destitute. I'm hungry for affection. I know I have some wonderful friends out there, not just in the Internet, but in Meatspace too, and there's my Spaniard prince. And of course, my family of origin back in Rio, who has become increasingly (and surprisingly) supportive over the past year. But I cannot afford time to spend quality time with them. I cannot afford time to take care of the flat I share with my roommate, and now she's angry with me. Last Monday, she left me a note with a switched off lightbulb, saying 'naughty people end up living alone'. I left another message (we speak through messages, because I am never in the house), asking what she meant. And didn't get a reply up to this morning.

It's easy to say Time's the villain again. But it's not. What is actually going on is another form of need, much more basic and concrete than just being busy. I am very committed to my MPs and taking my regular Artist Dates, as well as Weekly Walks, and all of that is marvellous to me, fixing me really good. But it's been ages since I last spent good time chatting with my friends, and it's been over six months since I last touched my boyfriend. And that breaks my heart. I need my people.

Last Friday, my office colleague invited me to a party at USP, where I met a pretty cute lad. We had six hours of mindblowing, replenishing sex in his dorm, with cute words and tender, cuddly eye-to-eye breaks. Then it was over, just as all one-night stands usually are, but that fact only made me more anxious and unable to concentrate at work. I just had too much expectation. And there, in the middle of the self-inflicted torture came the insight: I need my people!!

It's all cool to be a working artist, and saving time for your Creativity, but we also need tenderness, attention and community. Live, in the flesh!!