Sunday, June 01, 2008

The Solo

My performance was of course less than brilliant, but I'm really proud for certain reasons: I earnt it with hard work, my voice or technique didn't falter before the audience, and finally, I gave my very best given all the circumstances. I was shrouded in encouragement and inundated by support from all sides. The audience--mostly our own friends, families and significant others--loved to bits, and applauded standing up.

I had a good time, and actually enjoyed myself.

In the end, people in the church would say "¡Felicidades!" or "¡Enhorabuena!" to me. I felt a little bad for not really deserving so much appreciation to be honest, but I do realise I now have a choice, like I always do: I either commit to improve and bet even more on the faerietale, or I give up for good.

Since creative accomplishment is a spiritual pathway, I pray for Faith now.