Sunday, October 05, 2008

Faster, please

I'm legally married and I cannot be kicked from Spain by policemen ambushing South-american ppl in the Metro exit anymore. I'm safe. And I've got a date for my Spanish ID# to come, so I can work, travel, study and own stuff. In January, 2009. But truth is that it makes me sick I can't visit my people in Brazil sooner than sometime next year, maybe in Spring.

It's hard. The whole thing's been pretty hard to achieve this, but it's even harder to realise it's not over yet.

Don't get me wrong. I'm loving being here, I'm loving getting my basic needs met without weariness for once in my life, but as of right now I need a PnT in Trianon, a public ritual with a beautiful spiral dance and a power cone in the end, a pressed hot-dog with Cheddar and mashed potatoes and a poetry slam in Casa das Rosas.


By the way, the photos of the wedding are already online: . Enjoy.


Diane said...

Hot-dog??? There has to be a story there!

I'm sorry to hear the waiting is not over. Start planning for the Spring (Fall!), now, though! You won't get the Summer Solstice ritual at PnT but you will are sure to have something at Casa das Rosas! It also gives you more time to save money. Too practical, I understand! But it's true.

Now I'm off to see your photos. Check my blog today!

Awen said...

Vegetarian hot-dog. Soy and seitán, seasoned and smoked. Yummy, yummy. We've got it all in Sampa, you know ;)

Vadim Vadim said...

Hey, nice pics...
So you are the guy in the golden shirt? ;)
May you and Jose live happily! )

Awen said...

Yep, in the golden. That was the second time I wore that shirt, the first was my university graduation :)