Thursday, March 30, 2006

Creative Project for the Long Haul

I want to be a classical singer.

I have been taking voice lessons with a private coach, and even though she more frequently than I would like cancels my lessons, I have been improving a lot. My projection, support stamina and even my belting are pretty good for a beginner, but my ear sucks probably due to a total lack of musical background in my childhood and adolescence, which I am currently trying desperately to compensate for. Everyday on the train to the office I listen to a CD with Bona's solfege method recorded, and everynight I sing a few lessons of Vaccaj' 'Metodo Pratico di Canto Italiano di Camera'. I have been improving at an amazing speed, and I bet that by June I'll be already sight-singing and even attempting compositions and songwriting, which are my short-term creative project.

Last night I went to watch a recital of Schumman lied cycles. Three black singers, one black pianist (which was VERY nice to see in a racist country such as Brazil) and a very conservative structure of presentation. The performances were fabulous, especially the Mezzo-soprano part, but to be honest, a little bit of envy raved throughout the whole show. The resumes of performers were there, on the libretto: those singers had started studying at the age of eight, won scholarships for London's Royal Academy and travelled all over with shows. They earn their living out of classical singing performances. The least we can expect from them is an awesome performance! I couldn't help asking myself what those divas and divo would do if they had to start at the age of 25, living all by themselves, having to husband a whole apartment alone, work nine office hours a day to pay bills, do grocery and survive the train I take every day and every evening. And their coach cancelling weekly lessons twice a month!

This is not fair that they get laurels.