Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Birthday Party

Wow, I love being loved!!

Last night was pure joy. I did have my closest friends with me in my house for an unpretentious get-together, mostly to chill-out from the horrible atmosphere of gossip and treachery that has installed in the office. Sensitive as I am to my environment, I got really down by the end of last week; so, inspired by my handsome boyfriend, I decided I'd assemble a taskforce to lift my Spirit once more. I called my best buddy Marina (who recently scored second position in a national Jewelry Design competition--Go Marina, go!!), my fellow storytellers Karina and Acacia, my workbuddies Tish, Rod and Serginho, and naturally my roommate (who doesn't share a room with me, but the rest of the flat) Lilian. Sometime in the middle of the night, a drink was invented, with vodka, peach and black tea, and we named it Awen. Hehe. We had a great time with soothing songs by Seal, Luka Bloom, Damien Rice and Beck. Karina and I told stories, Rod told his terrific jokes and by one a.m., our conversation had covered most of the territory the Human Intellect could roam over the past five or six centuries. Many of them lived far, so we ended the party soon (!?!?), but I know we could have been still there if we didn't have an office day today.

As material gifts, I got red and white carnations, chocolate and this stunning watercolour Serginho painted. We took some beautiful pictures too, and as soon as Tish uploads them, I'll post them somewhere online. To see some of Serginho's paintings, visit http://www.galeriamalivillasboas.com.br/Members/sergiomiller . The watercolour he gave me is part of a series called 'Trapeze Acrobat', an experimentation with Nankin and Golden Watercolour (!). Breathtaking!

I am feeling on the top of the world now, and only wish I could bring you online friends to my little home last night.

You were there in Spirit.

Thank you for being my believing mirrors. There's nothing else I could need more than this.