Thursday, July 19, 2007

The Questionnaire Addiction

1. Have you chewed gum after someone else already has? Technically, no. But Jose had this AWFUL game of kissing me and dropping his gum in my mouth. Fortunately, he's realised it turns me off and gave up on the game. Well, he had, until he read this from behind me, and kissed me and spit in my mouth. Now I'm angry.

2. What song describes your relationship status? "You Were Meant for Me", by Jewel. (I'm obviously trying hard to forget the above-mentioned incident!)

3. How much does your dog weigh? No dogs.

4. Who are you thinking about right now? Ortigueira assholes. :(

5. Ever been skinny dipping? Yeah, as a kid, I'd do that all summer long.

6. Earrings or necklace? Necklace, for I ain't got pierced ears.

7. Who have you texted the most lately? Diane :D

10. Color of your shirt? White, with a BEAUTIFUL painting showing a Shaman, his Totem (The Eagle) and an ancestor in the clouds. It's actually the t-shirt I was wearing on 9-11. I now use it to sleep. Ain't I creepy?

11. How many years have you taken a language? A foreign language, I suppose is what you mean. English, for 18 years now.

12. Who’s on speed dial 2? N/a

13. What color is your background on your computer mainscreen? Dark Blue. It's default, I suppose, because everything my gross boyfriend owns is default setting. Or grey.

14. Do you wish on 11:11? I didn't know about this one!! Hey, another wishmaking superstition to the list, YAY!!!!

15. Good advice if you ever go camping? Book a hotel room. Prostitute if you need, but do book an actual room. It's totally worth it.

16. Are you A BAD influence? Depends on the criteria. Those influenced by me always love me and are always thankful.

17. What color are your eyes? Today, brown. But they change.

18. Would you rather have your name or your siblings’s name? Call me Awen, but about civil names, it's a tough choice: either the world's most famous active soccer player or Juliana.

20. Have you ever been called a bitch? That'd probably be my middle name if I had two names on the Internet :D

21. Favorite color? Shine yellow!

22. Do you use smiley faces on the computer? Yeah, they're irresistible!

23. What song is playing? Oh my Gods, no song's on! I'm probably sick, or TOO angry ...

52. Do you eat all the servings in the food groups on a daily basis? No. I eat too much dairy and milk, and no meat at all.

53. Are you ever a freak about cleanliness or organization? Hah, all my acquaintances would have a LAUGH at this question being asked to me!

54. Have you ever been to South America or Africa? Yeah, I'be been to several places in South America.

55. Do you know how to knit? No.

56. Do you have a cell phone or iPod with a patterned cover? Nopes.

57. Have you ever written love song lyrics yourself and put them in a song? Yeah! :D

58. Do you keep a diary or journal online? Yuppers, and glad I do!

59. When you open your closet, what is the dominant color? Here in Madrid, Beige. But I remember in Sampa I had a lot of baby blue.

60. Baskin Robbins or Coldstone? No idea what they are, and too angry to check online.

61. Physics or Chemistry? I used to hate Chemistry, but after taking a degree in Journalism, I really think I should've studied either Chemical Engineering or Pharmacy at university! (Given that I could not study what I wanted, which was Psychology)

62. Earphones or headphones? Earphones, as long as I don't have to share them.

63. Pink or teal? Pink. Neon pink.

64. Earrings or a ring? A red agatha ring. A very Brazilian gem, symbol of knowledge and magic.

66. Harry Potter, Lord of the Rings, or Star Wars? Harry Potter. I'm too young for the other two! :D

67. Fly or road trip? Road trip!! Nothing like the landscapes!!

68. Starbucks? Dunkin' Donuts!

69. What kind of toothpaste do you use? My favourite is Close-up Wild Berry, but they don't have that here in Spain, so I use one of those old-fag whitening-action pastes my boyfriend loves. Grrrrr...

70. Have you ever bought clothing at Nordstrom? No.