Tuesday, July 08, 2008

The Fall

(Inspired by Dean's Awen-inspired blog entry last night).

Before It All (refered to as BIA from now on), you had nothing but your Bird Spirit, which is your Godself, your personal Kami/Loa. It had all powers and all stories to tell. But then, since BIA had no listening ears, Tribe.net blogs or physical sex, your Bird Spirit was bored to Death (even though BIA is another name for Eternal Life), and It decided it was time to begin a long, winding process called The Fall.

Your Bird Spirit has the capacity and the nature of attracting to Itself all it wants and needs, so it attached to Itself a couple of malleable, minor spirits in order to extend and live in what It meant to be a world of Creativity and self-expression. If It intended to go physical, the natural thing would be the ability to communicate, impress, form and be formed by circumstances. Shifting between active and passive. Like gay anal sex, or like Tango.

Your Bird Spirit contained (and still does) a seed of the tree you were supposed to grow up to be, your ultimate creation. But after the Fall, other Fallen people who fell before you did also had "seeds" of trees they thought you were supposed to be. You're clever, you can guess the two seeds don't match, and because other people were bigger than your physical body, had more cunning and expertise in the physical matters, and held positions, authorities, titles and wands of several colours, they began weaving patterns in your minor souls through physical abuse, repetition and lies they might actually have believed were true themselves. And suddenly, you forgot it all about BIA as the Fall moved on to the next stage.

All kinds of wicked vows and locks were woven in your minor spirits, including a giant barrier between what you now were calling yourself and your Bird Spirit. And your original/ORIGIN-all seed. And everything BIA. You forgot the reason why of the whole thing, and dressed up, made up a name and a cool pose, sacrificed your daily freewill, made lots of money to buy many things you don't really want, pretended you were on your way, and destroyed every possible thing you met along the way, whatever the way you were going was. And of course, forced other Fallen newbies a seed to a tree you planned for them. Nevermind what they had in mind. Or in Spirit.

But the Bird Spirit will always be there. It was BIA and will be when you wake up from the nightmare. Hang in there.