Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Faery Guide

I went ahead and, riding the energies of last month's Blue Moon and Lunar Eclypse, bought Brian Froud's Faeries' Oracle. Faeries had been calling to me a lot since the Solstice in many different ways and languages. Even though I can possibly be accused of some sins in this life, I certainly have never turned a deaf ear to Otherworld callings. I just can't.

Today, I've painted with oil pastels card 0, the Faery Guide. That card comes blank, because it's yours to portray whoever takes you "beyond the fields we know", thus making the deck your own. No need to go through an elaborate ritual or "blood the Runes". With creativity, art and courage to stain the impersonal whiteness of the virgin card with your personal lore, you make the whole set your spiritual ally forevermore. I gotta say, I love this idea!

My Faery Guide has been clear for me for some years now, so when I opened the package and found the blank card numbered zero, I knew it had to be It. But just for double checking, I slept my Faeriesleep, and journeyed to the Otherworld to meet It live again. The White Swan took me on Its back, dove with me under the Waters, flew me up to the Stars and toured me through Its many, multiversal tales of inner truth, long wayfares and crossed roads. I came back more than reassured. For my first experience ever with oil pastels, and without any previous training or information whatsoever, I think I did a pretty cool job and uncovered more personal power.

The book, written by Jesa Macbeth, is a joy in itself. Very beginner-friendly, but totally focused on the work with these cards, it brought me the answers to many questions I'd never been able to even formulate in my head. She teaches, among other fun, joyful tricks, a very special way of singing and dancing to awaken and stir the energies and magical currents of Faery wherever you are. Today, in the middle of my Faeriedance, the whole thing became so ecstatic I had to interrupt. But I'll be back tomorrow, and things are bound to become outrageously interesting as I let go of fear and control.

Double checking is fine, though, if only as an excuse for listening to stories and a vivid trip over the three worlds.

Image: The Singer of the Chalice. The most generous and powerfully revealing card/Being in the whole deck. And the first one I picked, too.