Friday, September 26, 2008

Stag Party

Tomorrow morning I'm off to the mountains with my gay men's meditation group for a short retreat until Sunday. I'm really thankful and definetely looking forward to this chance to chill down, disconnect from the drama, reconnect with the Source and revitalise before the wedding.

Qirin image from


Anonymous said...

Nice image, I hope you were able to bring much beauty and clarity to your world my friend.

Those are truly the marvels of life aren't they? Fresh mountains, clear skys... or with clouds.

Life is good,

Anonymous said...

So it's already scheduled? The wedding? I'm a 'bit out of' your recent movements. But I hope everything is going fine and will continue so. :)

Have you seen "Evening" (here, "Ao entardecer")? It has Meryl Streep, Toni Collette (the mother on "Little Miss Sunshine"), Vanessa Redgrave and Glenn Close. A very nice movie really, though 'cryfull'. It might tell you a lot about the importance of important decisions! :D

... well... I can't be sure about my invented expressions in english... do they sound so silly?

Strange also for me to 'reappear' here, so hidden on a hidden comment on a corner of your blog. Isn't it?

I strongly, deeply reccomend you to watch "Evening". Maybe it's not so important, or maybe it could tell you something now.

I like you very much. And it's always a pleasant feeling when I think of you.

"Ae fond kiss" and tight hug.

Awen said...

I'll look for it, babe. Thanks for the heads-up.

And no, you never sound silly, because you always tell me the truth.