Monday, October 20, 2008

Another Wall Down

I've just concluded the complete German course on Prima! But the studies will go on.


Diane said...

Awesome! Congrats! My Wednesday night Spanish course is fun. I should get back to Live Mocha to practice. I got a book called The Spanish Subjunctive Up Close. Tell José! The introducation of the book says you can get by without the subjunctive but, "you would forever be a marginal participant in the Spanish-speaking world." José said almost the exact same thing to me. Never mind that I was speaking spanish for only five weeks at that time! Now, after more than a year, it's time to finally "get" this. : )

Awen said...

So hot! I've gotten Jose a Spanish/Japanese flashcard set for his b-day, and because it's mostly Kana and Rooma-ji, I'll will probably also get him a Kanji handbook as soon as I can afford. I'm taking something Spanish to Tish in Brazil when I visit, and I chose the next step in my German acquisition yesterday when I was in Casa del Libro in Gran Vía.

It's language learning season and all of this feels so good!!! :D :D

LMB said...


Anonymous said...

herzlichen glückwunsch!

Anonymous said...

Hi Awen I just wanted to touch base with you. All is going well down here in San Diego, again we had a similar day as Spain and San Diego are along the same lines globally, but of course, this is not to say that the wind or the hooks in the ceilings are similar. For the hooks truly hook and the clouds sometimes do the same; they tend to hook the eye into a sense of... awwwhh.

So the day ended as it started quite lovely indeed, and I took some more pics of the utility box art and an cool tune that goes in animated proportions; well at least in the eye of the beholder.

lastly, I miss hearing from you and I hope that all is well and that you are being good to you.

see you when I read from you..

your amigo Jesse