Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Reading Report

I've just finished reading 'Brokeback Mountain', the story on which the film was based on. I read two-thirds last night and the heartbreaking final third on the train on the way to the office this morning. What can I say that hasn't yet been said? 'Brokeback Mountain is an astounding, breathtaking take on the hard choice between love and fear, passion and comfort. The choice was for the second, and the price the lovers paid was too high. Many experiences come back when one is exposed to such a powerful experience as reading that story. I can barely wait to watch Ang Lee's rendition of it, which I am sure is nothing short of impressive.

I have just seen the trailer on the Brazilian website of the film, and the only thing I resent is that the cowboys are just too cute to be real people, but anyway.

The beautiful story can be read here: http://thewholegang.com/bbframe.htm