Saturday, December 16, 2006

As I walk the Beauty Way

It’s very much true that we usually don’t realize our many blessings. Only now, a month and a half later, I am actually using my time more wisely. And by that I don’t mean I am getting stuff done, learning facts and honing skills, or going to places, or just daydreaming more. Actually, all these are part of the process and a natural consequence of being wise, but by ‘wisely’ I mean that I am living free of guilt.

Much of my downtime lately has been invested in remembering how all my lifetime my old people and my tutors have tried to grow an Awen seed into a somebody-else tree. How much money they spend, how much emotional terror they created and especially how many chimeras they fed in over 20 years, in the vain hope of seeing one day a plastic illusion sold in soap operas manifest before their (bindfolded) eyes.

I have been scalp-deep involved in heavy personal alchemy lately. Labyrinth, readings, Vision Quests, Morning Pages and other writing (or mind-mapping). All of this has helped me heal, and see with enough clarity to set my feet firmly in the Beauty Way.

I wonder if the reader of my blog finds its tone too sugary or just sheer new-agey white-light hogwash. Maybe without understanding what walking in Beauty and treading the Sacred Path is, all the things I have been talking about lately is downright nonsense, possibly even self-dellusion, but they are very important to me. For the Awen seed to grow into an Awen tree, things need to be said, written, published, told, sung, performed, acted out, done and presented. That is the Sacred Way of Beauty for (and in) me, and I have spent too long denying it. Maybe long enough trying to retrieve my right to walking it also, but all the time in the world is worth investing if the reward is knowing where your feet are carrying you to, and thanking everyday for every step taken and every inch in the Way ahead.

Today I am back to my regular Saturday Poetry workshops in my beloved Casa das Rosas. I wish you are walking in Beauty this weekend, too.