Friday, December 29, 2006

To a Starry Sky

Among my many insights I had I 2006, I discovered New Year wishes messages are but revealing to other what you wish for yourself. Naturally, not many people wish the same, but we all could use specific blessings to help us get our very intimate, personal and idiosyncratic blessings and wishes.

My new year wish to you is simple: I wish the Smoke on your Mirror dissipates and reveals to you how feeble, useless and self-destructive grandiose, clique mentality, dependency and silly games are for a Shining Star like you. I wish you strength to stare and thirst for the Truth that is revealed just before you, when you clear your eyes and dive in the crystal clarity of your true Self. And see the Beauty that is there.

And as you look in your reflection, may you see the Unity that brings you together with All-That-Is. May you mirror their worth, Power and Beauty, discovering how worthy, powerful and beautiful you are yourself, how connected you are, or should be, and how much work there is to do (with)in you.

May you understand, have fun, heal and join likeminded Stars everywhere. You are your own source of light. You don’t need anybody else. But the Beauty of the Starry Night is the myriad of twinkling Light Sources, all individual and unique. But woven together by the Black Void that holds the Web together, She is the source of the Power, the Beauty and—perhaps the greatest gift of God—the Diversity that amazes and inspires.

May you find your light, and radiate it everywhere. The world needs it.

In Lake'ch. As the other you, I wish you a great new calendar year, whenever your Cycle starts.

With love,

Image: ‘The Starry Sky’ by Dutch genious Vincent Van Gogh