Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Circles and Crossroads

They constitute a labyrinth. As is my personal inclination, privilege, curse and addiction, I have been meandering many labyrinths since I last wrote an entry to this blog. Possibly instead, I have been meandering only one. But really the number of labyrinths meandered matters nothing, since the path always leads to the omnipresent Center of nowhereness.

Labyrinths are an ancient symbol of the Goddess of a Thousand Names and have been a tool for introspection, self-discovery, meditation and deep healing for time enough to create an egregore over it.

The Labyrinth inspired egregious Mexican filmmaker Guillermo del Toro to tell the outstanding story of an Underworld princess trapped in the flesh of a mortal surface-dweller who must complete dreadful tasks to regain her royal birthrights and reclaim her palace with seven concentric patios. She is led to the next challenge, and taught how to overcome it, by a magical book called Book of the Crossroads, which only reveals to her its contents when she is all alone.

During the painful months I stayed far from my blogging activity I realized that ‘A Divo’s Errands’ is my personal Book of Crossroads. Or at least, part of it. So much has happened over the past few months, and I resent not being able to share the fresh news with my peers—be they passers-by, detractors, fans, flirts or friends.

In a nutshell, I have been playing my fiddle a lot, experimenting with Thai cuisine, training my musical ear, studying the German language, and spending heaven-flavored five weeks with my European Enchanted Prince. I had the blessing of spending almost a week in Buenos Aires, and the even higher blessing of losing the depressing job that I used to let hold me captive for thirteen hours of my daily waking life. The greatest synchronicity is that my EEP arrived in Brazil on October 28th, and on October 30th I was fired, what give me the precious gift of spending his five-week vacation in South America with his most lovely company.

I now have very limited Internet access, but I have set up a computer in my flat, to do freelance translation work. From this computer, I can write my blog entries, and then when I have Internet access available to me, I can upload the text for your reading pleasure.

I will try to catch up with all of you guys. Thank you for the patience, for leaving messages even when I was away, and for holding me in your loving thoughts. You are my treasure.

I’ll keep riding.