Tuesday, December 20, 2005

No Journey's End

I have been resisting the idea of having a blog for at least the past six years, but just this week it was striked by Inspiration to write about my daily fool's errands, my dreams, synchronicities, explorations and proof of my talents. If nothing, they will help me organize my thoughts better for my songs and my performance.
In some ways, this feels a lot like a swan song. A swan sings just before he dies, and it seems like after all the foul and fair things that happened to me these super-intense past three years, I am finally able to tell the story. But far from being a journey's end, this is the beginning of the cream.
The best is yet to come. Witness me.


Anonymous said...

I shall witness you my dear friend, and I hope that you will read this comment.

Sometimes I like to start from the beginning, just to see what they were thinking, how far they have grown or come....

If that painting is yours, and I am pretty sure that it is, you are brilliant =)

Take care, this is for you...

Awen said...

You know, the Black Rose is a highly mystical symbol in the Celtic Tradition. It's an honour to receive one. But what have I received from you to date that isn't highly honourable?? :)

The swan isn't mine, and alas I don't remember where I found that image anymore. :(

You're love and you're loved, Jesse.