Saturday, December 31, 2005

Things I'm gonna do in 2006

Julia Cameron has taught me that writing makes it happen. For the past year-and-half I've been jotting down all my dreams and desires, and, guess what?, they've come true. Below are the plans and wishes I hope to achieve in the New Year.
- Learn to write songs. I mean REALLY write. Put the notes and the rythmn and the chords down on the staff.
- Get punctual and committed to my Training in the Anderson Feri Tradition of Witchcraft again. 2005 has been a really intense year that has turned my life Upside-down (a clear effect of the Feri Current), and I have gotten behind my Feri stuff somewhere in the middle of the road. But in '06 there is no other way: I'll be back on track along the Third Road, that leads to Feriland.
- Become more professional as a storyteller. I've been performing around every now and then, but I need to start rehearsing, studying, building a repertoire, finding a neat outfit to wear on stage, and getting my act really together. There're many opportunities for me to use and people are really enjoying my magic, but I need to be serious and focus on it.
- Join a band. I swear for God Her Self that if I don't join a band, I'll drown myself in the Pinheiros. (Can you read me, Paulo, Wallace and Mancz??)
- Enrol for Drama School.
- Get a vocal coach. Again. But this time it has to work!!
Last night and this morning I've been really enthusiated with the idea of beginning to study the Fiddle. I cannot afford a fiddle right now, but I never say never, and there's always the Mystery guiding me and my Art.
So mote it be,

Ps> And you? What are your aspirations for the emerging New Year??