Sunday, May 16, 2010

Function of Time #2: Cycle

Even though the last one was certainly not natural and maybe a bit too long, this blog has seen inherent ups and downs in the frequency of new writings. Likewise, most types of relationships have an unstoppable crescendo and an according waning that follows, possibly to extinction. Do I have to say anything about mood and personal vibration? There's a cycle to everything. And as I'm sure I've written here, there's Power and Joy in joining the prospective growth, as well as Grace and Divinity in letting go of what's inevitably fading away.

I guess I'm in a period of reassessing and renovating my social circle. Couchsurfing, which was my favourite playground for a long time, just doesn't do it for me anymore. A vibrant community of world-travellers and edgy creators has withered to a meet-up line for retarded post-teenagers wanting to get drunk together spending as little money as possible. Or am I becoming old?

Some of the real friends I made there turned out to be disfunctional relationships based on mistrust and feelings of leeriness. One is only good as a party animal, and the relationship doesn't take off from there. The other is obsessed with words that MIGHT come across as "negative" and "put people down", deterring from heartful connection and sincere communication. A third one is too cool for the rest of the world. And obviously there're the ones who went away on time.

Other friends I met on other crossroads are naturally gone, too. I gotta be changing, and I'm praying that the familiar knowledge that change is good if it brings me closer to my highest vision for my Self comes back to me.

So are some relationships going away, gracefully. Others are on the way. And I'm retriving my blogging magic. My natural being. Back to the beginning? Might be. But wherever I am now, I'm ready for another journey circle round.

Pop. The Black Pearl is back from Davy Jones' Locker. With Captain Sparrow on board!

All in all, it's a pleasant surprise and a perfect moment to see Tribe finally active again. Makes me wonder if there's actually an end for everything. And feel warm inside.

Image: Robert Lyn Nelson's "Society". He was the first favourite painter I've ever had. I had several t-shirts with paintings by him printed on them.