Monday, May 17, 2010

Function of Time #3: Maturity

It might be said that Maturity is the goal we as Birds decided to pursue when we came forth into the Physical. I personally disagree, but it is definetely not just a byproduct, but a process of Time, and Time is definetely characteristic of the Physical.

As a young brat, I never had any respect for the concept and the propaganda that revolved around maturity. But once it's here and you know it in your flesh, you know it's a good thing. Maturity has helped me sift, sophisticate and sediment my personal preferences, dreams and talents. Maturity allows more choice and a clever use of resources. Maturity has gifted me with the greatest of gifts, self-awareness. Maturity has pushed me to the edge, where the view is breathtaking. Maturity lets me have more fun.

On the other hand, I've been experiencing the feeling that the older you get, the harder it is to develop beneficial relationships. Boundaries are clearer, selfish intentions have a stronger call. And stupid games are just not necessarily part of the courtship anymore. Or at least, shouldn't.

Right now, I'm silently, elegantly letting go of quite a few relationships I've been cultivating for a while now. They just don't work, and aren't worth so much fuss. I'm not so enthusiastic about Couchsurfing anymore and I'm okay about admitting that. The vegetarians kept me company for two years, but are mostly gone by now. There are many people out there to meet, but frankly, not many of them are going to join my circle anyway. So, no rush. Time will reveal what I need to know, and provide.

This might be the first time in my life I'm truly fine with the idea of being alone.

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