Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Before I forget

I was waiting for Angela and Laura to send me the fucking pics of me performing at PnT/SP last Sunday, but up to now, nothing. Well, I'm gonna tell what I remember of it because I don't want to forget.

(Because I am writing this on Wednesday, after two murderingly boring office days, I have lost much of my enthusiasm. Anyways, next time I'll know better and use what I have. Just doing it will do. As Julia Cameron asks, 'if you didn't have to do it perfectly, what would you do?' I'd do, period.)

Well, people loved me. Everylittle bit of it. I was introduced as 'somebody who can make you cry and laugh at once' and I really appreciated that. I'm now using interaction on my telling. The first of the three stories I chose was an Irish traditional tale called 'the Black Horse', and in it the main character, the rider of the Black Horse, would sigh everytime the Underwater Prince challenged him and I asked everybody to sigh. Then the Black Horse would go on a journey, and everybody would make the sound of galloping horse with their hands on their thighs. A happy end for the tale, with that very interesting plot twist the Ancient Celts were masters in doing, made everybody even more excited. Not bad, considering it was the very first time I told that story.

The other two tales I told were the Scottish classic Tam Lin, a hit in the São Paulo Pagan Community, and the lovely Hans Christian Andersen's 'The Pine Tree', which I planned to tell last Midwinter at the public ritual downtown, but had no time left to. This time I had much more control over the whole performance and there was enough time.

I'm getting good at it.

Also, before the performance, I went to fabulous classical singing recital my vocal coach gave me an entrance to. She performed there (now she's what I call DIVA!) and all singers were really fabulous, seemingly in the top of their vocal form. The recital was a homage to Antonio Lotti, a virtuoso tenor who abruptously passed on one or two months ago, and all singers were students and ex-students of him. Listening to them, I'm sorry I didn't get the chance to study with il Signore Lotti!

And on Saturday I went to a beautiful wedding ceremony and party deep in the woods north of São Paulo (Cantareira), and then had my last singing lesson before my coach went on her two-weeks holidays. Now I'm practicing my sight-singing at home everynight, and when she returns from the trip in August, I'll benefit much more from our classes.

If the girls send the pics of the performance, I'll definetely upload them to my photo album. Keep an eye on me! :)